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Sweet & Savory

What is Honey + Thyme?

At its core, Honey + Thyme is a health food service specializing in feeding the modern family or individual. Cooking healthy meals for our family has become inherently hard as we have adopted the busy american lifestyle and we are here to help you out! We take pride in sourcing as many items from local farmers and suppliers as possible. Our food is inherently healthy as we choose to use only the best ingredients that we can find along with putting vegetables in the center of our plate. We are not vegan, or vegetarian, we just really enjoy vegetables! We offer both delivery and pick up options for our customers in the St. louis market.  

Our weekly menu is delivered to your home, or is available for pick up  from our kitchen at 1000 stlouis ave st. louis, mo. We have two menus to order from.

1. our "Market Menu"  is like a care package from grandma Shirley and offers an array of food portioned for a family of four or more and generally consist of 3 dinners, 1 drink, 1 salad, 1 soup, 1 sweet. This package cost $250 per week(plus tax) and is available as a subscription service. Delivery and pick up options available on set days.

2. Our "Meal Prep" menu is based off our family style but portioned individually and offered  al la carte. This menu generally has a couple healthy meal prep items along with some of our market menu items based on availability. This menu is available for both pick up and delivery on set days.




Josh Charles