Larder & Cupboard Condiment Gift Set

Larder & Cupboard Condiment Gift Set

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American Spoon Farmhouse Tomato Relish is a true farm classic of sweet and savory chunks of tomatoes, onions, apples, green peppers, and spices. Delicious with meats, cheeses, and on sandwiches. Fantastic with breakfast eggs. 

Marina’s Homemade Ketchup is a locally made, thick and rich, healthy alternative to store bought ketchup. Made in small batches without preservatives, using simple ingredients. 

Mike’s Hot Honey, a signature infusion of New York Wildflower Honey with Brazilian Chili peppers, is the world’s most versatile condiment. It provides the perfect balance of sweet with a slow building heat that pairs well with just about everything. 

The Brinery (Ann Arbor, MI) produces traditional fermented foods using only ingredients your ancestors would recognize. Aura Solanales, a Louisiana style hot sauce, captures the warmth and flavor of sun ripened hot peppers. Medium heat that does not overpower, but enhances your meal.